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Welcome to Guru Service Group Burnaby- Plumbers

Have you found yourself facing an unexpected home or office emergency related to plumbing, heating and cooling systems in Burnaby, BC? We can help!


At Guru Service Group, we’re committed to providing the best quality services in plumbing, heating and cooling. We pride ourselves on maintaining customer satisfaction with every inspection, installation and repair and our mission is to deliver same day service whenever possible.


Each of our technicians is licensed, bonded and fully insured, and has years of experience. We know how important customer satisfaction is for our business, which is why we guarantee honest interactions, assessments and recommendations, every time.

Plumbing Services

Our plumbing services are the backbone of our operations and have been since the company was founded over 25 years ago. If you’ve found yourself suddenly in need of services indoors or outdoors, we can help. Not only can we fix a leaky faucet or pipe, but we can handle drain clogs, storm drains, backflow prevention and plumbing issues better than the rest.

For drain cleaning and clogs, we offer three different services: power snake cleaning, hydro jetting or video camera inspections, which allow us to see the problem clearly and move straight to finding the best solution.

We also offer up services for kitchen renovations, which include drawing up comprehensive plumbing plans to assist you in blueprint creations or to help you work out the kinks in your upcoming remodel.

  • Leaks
  • Drain Cleaning services
    • Indoor sewage drain clogs
    • Outdoor storm drain cleaning
    • Drain cleaning with a power snake
    • Hydro jetting
    • Video Camera Drain Inspections
  • Backflow Preventers
    • Annual Backflow Preventer Tests
    • Repairs, replacements and/or removals
    • Annual municipal certification and paperwork completion
  • Bathroom plumbing
  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Kitchen renovations and the creation of plumbing plans

Many of our clients have called us after already attempting repairs on their own, which can cause added frustration and has the potential to increase the damage to your system or products. This is why we offer up free inspections to help you troubleshoot the issue right away and avoid unnecessary costs and labor for problems that may not be so easy to spot with the untrained eye.

While we always support of the Do It Yourself attitude, we also know that calling in a professional may be the fastest way to resolving an issue. If you’re looking for residential or commercial plumbers in the Burnaby area, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to assist by sending a plumbing contractor out right away.

Heating & Cooling Services

Our heating contractors and cooling specialists are an excellent choice for furnace, heat pump, water heater and boiler systems. For furnace heating systems, we can work to service your existing product to expand its life cycle, repair problems quickly, or, in some cases, recommend a replacement installation to improve residential or commercial safety and spare you potential damage in the future if we know your furnace system is ready to give out.

For heat pump installations or water heater repair or installation, we’ll offer up the best product recommendations on the market and be up front about what will work best for your needs—and we’ll never oversell you on a product or service that isn’t necessary. We also perform general maintenance on your heating and cooling systems year round and make sure that your systems are functioning optimally to help you save on heating and cooling costs in your home or office.

  • Furnace heating system repair, service and installation
  • General maintenance
  • Gas Leaks
  • Heat pump installation and repair
  • Pilot light repair
  • Boiler repair or replacement
  • Annual Service Repair
  • Water heater repair & installation

If you’re experiencing a gas leak, call us right away. We’ll send out the next available heating contractor to address the problem quickly and efficiently and make recommendations for service to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We can also repair pilot lights quickly and look for larger problems within a system that may need to be addressed to avoid major safety issues in the future.

Our Guarantee

  • Efficient Quality Service
  • Accurate, first-visit diagnoses
  • Recommendations based on each customer’s needs and budget
  • Best product recommendations on the market for longest product life-cycles
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured technicians
  • Honesty & Transparency in every interaction
  • Service completed on time and within budget

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Our Services



Our service offerings span from apartments to residential homes, small offices and larger commercial buildings. If you find yourself in need of plumbing contractors, call us today for a free assessment!



Rather than troubleshoot on your own and taking risks with your property and safety of others, give us a call and we’ll set up a free inspection and consultation to diagnose the problem the first time around. Our heating experts are committed to delivering high quality work with minimal hassle, in residential and commercial buildings throughout Burnaby and surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for a heat pump repair or a new installation, give us a call today!



Whether you’re looking for a repair or new product installation, our cooling experts will always give you a full assessment to look at how you can extend the long-term lifespan of your cooling products through routine annual maintenance as well, offering up recommendations for upkeep on your current model to keep you cool year-round. Call us today for a free inspection and we’ll guarantee an honest breakdown regarding repairs, service and installation.

If you have any questions please contact us today and we
will be happy to answer all of your queries.

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Holding off on making repairs to your home or office systems can end up costing you more down the line. That’s why we offer financing options to our valued customers through Snap Home Finance.


We also work with our customers to help them choose products that stick within their budget, which is why our technicians keep track of current rebate, incentive and warranty options on the market. While we won’t ever recommend a product we don’t fully support, or products that have low consumer reviews, we will work to get you the right solution at the right price, every time.


Our Products

We know that the best name brands also come with a higher price tag, but at Guru Service Group, we’re committed to only providing the best to our customers. That means that we’ll always choose the products that perform consistently at the top of their class. While cheaper alternatives may seem like the best option in the short-term, lower quality products mean that you’ll have to replace them more often—and that they may be more likely to develop problems and need repairs far sooner than the name brands would.


We want our customers to have peace of mind knowing that they received the best possible repairs, maintenance or installations, and we can’t do that with products that we don’t fully endorse. That being said, we do understand the need to budget and to stay within budget—which is why we offer up fair financing options to assist our customers with their heating, cooling and plumbing service needs.


Same Day Repairs or Installations

We keep each of our vehicles stocked with basic parts for services and repairs and our warehouse keeps a steady supply of everything you’ll need for larger repair jobs and installation services—we know how important getting quality solutions is to our customers and how important it is to complete the work in a timely manner to get you back to living your life uninterrupted by home repairs. We also place an emphasis on getting all of our service, repairs and installations completed on time and on budget, so you can be sure that the final bill won’t be greater than you anticipated and so that repairs don’t drag on indefinitely while you put your life or work on hold.


Our Technicians

Each and every one of us on the Guru Service Group Burnaby team is committed to providing thorough inspections and meticulous care so that every installation, repair or routine maintenance service is handled correctly the first time around. Our technicians are all licensed, bonded and fully insured, with years of experience.


Once a Year Service Checks

To protect yourself from last minute, costly repairs and maintenance, we recommend that our customers join our Annual Service Check program. This allows you to rest easy knowing that your residential and commercial systems are functioning efficiently and not liable to break down in the coming year. This can provide significant long-term savings, extend the life of your products, and allow any problems to be caught early before they create stress at an inopportune time.


To schedule an appointment for plumbing, heating or cooling services, contact us today and we’ll set you up with an appointment or provide same day inspection for emergencies in the Burnaby area.